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Equipment For Sale

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Experience the fascination of laser crystal together with your customers. Thanks to state of the art laser technology from 3D Laser Land you are now able to produce small and large pieces of art from glass on your own.
Whether glass photos, 3D portraits or simply images and artistic designs in glass - any type of subsurface engraving is possible with our 3D laser machines. A 3D laser system from 3D Laser land allows you implementing your ideas economically priced, quickly and precisely. A photograph inside glass - whether 2 or 3-dimensional - is always an exciting gift idea.
A 3D promotional laser crystal item is a real eye-catcher as well, often remaining for years on the table of the receiver, ever in view. A high-quality promotional item from glass is not anything that is easily discarded, like so many other simple promotional gifts.
Much more, a creatively and uniquely designed laser crystal remains an esteemed and treasured advertising medium for many years. There are no limits to your creativity in the souvenir area as well. Realize high-resolution and lively motifs using our powerful pro software.
Whether known examples of architecture or an old aircraft model, the Matterhorn or favored animals from a zoo - you are always able to burn the motifs in glass in different sizes and crystal shapes, with the help of the laser.
Open a crystal boutique in a shopping center or web shop. Why not become a manufacturer of high-quality promotional articles, souvenirs and gift items - laser engraving of crystal glass is something special, standing out of the mass of many products that have been known for quite some time.
Using the 3D engraving system from 3d Laser Land you can enclose everything conceivable inside the glass for all times. Whether a 3D crystal photograph or an two-dimensional laser image of a digital photo as wedding gift, whether high-quality promotional gifts or a chess game from crystal glass - you now direct the show and are able to gear to your customers and markets with the right motif.


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